Our Golfer's 2016

Some of the Success in 2019
Deb Started with us in 2015 as a 24.6


Mike in his late 60's started with us as a 20 Handicap- 3 years later now a 14.6 and in his 70's

Regina 3 years ago 27.3, now 22.2

Peter this year 15.8-13.1

Bill this year 16.8-13.5

Dan this year 3.5 - .8

Paul this year 15.7-13.9

Their Low

G1  14.5
G2  29
G3  14.6
G4  4
G5  23.5
G6  22.2
G7  14.9
G8  7.9
G9  14.6
G10 24.2
G11 7.3
G12 8.4
G13 14.8
G14 6.1
G15 17.1
G16 +0.3
G17 12.8
G18 20
G19 30
G20 0.8
G21 13.1
G22 15.5
G23 9.8
G24 13.7
G25 +1.3
G26 14.4
G27 +1.8
G28 13.9
G29 21.8

G30 2
G31 12.5
G32 14.8
G33 9.1
G34 1.4

High Handicap

G1  17.1
G2  30.2
G3  20
G4  4.1
G5  25
G6  22.3
G7  16.9
G8  9.5
G9  16
G10 27.3
G11 10.3
G12 10.6
G13 15.4
G14 7.9
G15 17.3
G16 2.5
G17 16.9
G18 22.1
G19 33
G20 3
G21 15.5
G23 11.5
G24 15.3
G25 +0.7
G26 15.9
G27  .6
G28 19.7
G29 22.6
G30 2.6
G31 13.3
G32 15.4
G33 11.1
G34 3.2

38 Clients In 2015

14 stayed within +/- .5 of their handicap
14 improved by min. .5
9 improved by min 1.8 up to 9.4 strokes

All Golfers over the age of 40, most over 50

Golf Conditioning Programs

First Step To Better Golf!
Titleist Performance Institute
Golf Conditioning Assessment
  • TPI Assessment (1 hour)
  • Video Swing Analysis and Workout (1 hour)
  • 6- Week ‘Golf Specific to Me’ Program Design
  • Access to Titleist TPI Website
TPI Assessment 
(A TPI professional will test)
Assesses all physical aspects of your body that will affect your golf game.
The data collected from the assessment is the basis for the six week golf conditioning program. That you can access online and perform at home or in your fitness facility.
Video Swing Analysis-
​A TPI professional will video your swing and identify your swing faults. Swing faults can be created when the body compensates for the lack of strength and/or mobility in the body during the swing. This will affect accuracy and distance. 
Common Swing Faults
Over the Top
Loss of Posture
Reverse Pivot
‘Golf Specific to Me Program Design'
The Program that is designed by a TPI Professional to enhance your golf fitness level. Your program is designed from the results of your assessment and created to diminish your limitations. 

Coaching Options After Your TPI Assessment

Private Golf Conditioning
Private sessions are an hour long and set up in a 1 on 1 basis. We will coach you for better golf and wellness. Each session is focused on you and your goals.
THE COMPLETE GOLF PACKAGE- (TCGP) shared golf conditioning training
       We train for stability, mobility, power, coordination, balance, posture and endurance. You will be assessed by a Titleist Performance Certified Golf Conditioning Professional. Regardless of your fitness level, or your goals you can particpate in this program.  Everyone in the program has a personalized golf exercise routine that is tailored to your needs. You can attend during any of the designated times, with an appointment and after the initial TPI Assessment. Sessions are between 30-60 minutes in duration after you start training for that day. Plus, as a group you will meet with one of the Pros for 1 hour a month to work on either swing mechanics, short game, putting or driving. 

Junior Coaching

Top Notch Junior Fitness Coaching
This is an ongoing teen’s sports fitness training program at the Harmon club. It will be sport specific and individually programmed. Parts of the program are designed for individual needs, whether its strength, mobility, stability, balance and definitely core strength. The rest of the program will train in Olympic lifts, kettlebells, dumbbells and bands, medicine balls, and cardiovascular. The basis of the program will be power, strength and speed. 

Online Golf Conditioning

Single Month Online

My goal has always been to help my clients reach their goals. Better fitness, Better Golf, all around healthier. Although best results come from training with me or my staff in person, not everyone has the time or lives close enough to train in person. So, I've created an online component to help those who can't meet with us.  Join my monthly training to reach your goals. As part of your training you will receive
  • Monthly Personalized golf exercise program with video description
  • You will need to join our Facebook group to have access to the following
  • Access to a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Conditioning Professional
  • Articles on Golf, Health, Nutrition, Recipes, General Fitness
  • Once you have subscribed- you will receive an email with directions on how to get your workout and access to the group

6 Month Online Subscription