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38 Clients In 2015

  • 9 improved by min 1.8 up to 9.4 strokes
  • 14 stayed within +/- .5 of their handicap
  • 14 improved by min. .5
  • All Golfers over the age of 40, most over 50

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Online Golf Conditioning

My goal has always been to help my clients reach their goals. Better fitness, Better Golf, all around healthier. Although best results come from training with me or my staff in person, not everyone has the time or lives close enough to train in person. So, I've created an online component to help those who can't meet with us.  Join my monthly training to reach your goals. As part of your training you will receive
Monthly Personalized golf exercise program with video description
You will need to join our Facebook group to have access to the following
Access to a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Conditioning Professional
Articles on Golf, Health, Nutrition, Recipes, General Fitness
Once you have subscribed- you will receive an email with directions on how to get your workout and access to the group

More Success

1 Month Training- $99

6 Month Online Subscription

To Meet In Person For Golf Conditioning!
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