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Some of Our 41 Golfer's 2018

Deb Started with us in 2015 as a 24.6 2016-16.9, 2017-12.8, 2018-7.9​

Mike in his late 60's started with us as a 20 Handicap- 3 years later now a 14.6 and in his 70's

Regina 3 years ago 27.3, now 22.2

Peter this year 15.8-13.1

Bill this year 16.8-13.5

Dan this year 3.5 - .8

Paul this year 15.7-13.9

33 clients

Top 5
34 Clients that we tracked
15 improved GHIN by more than 2
14 improved GHIN .5-2.0
Top 3 Improvements

38 Clients In 2015

14 stayed within +/- .5 of their handicap
14 improved by min. .5
9 improved by min 1.8 up to 9.4 strokes

Dear John,
I just wanted to thank you for the difference you made for me in my golf game and my overall health over the past year.  When I came to you last fall I knew that I wanted to create a workout to specifically aid my golf game and I came to the right person.    Your understanding of your field and your ability to make the process of training enjoyable are a great combination.
Through your training I improved my balance, strength flexibility and endurance.  This helped me to do several things.  First, the improvement in my balance, flexibility and strength really helped me to practice better swing technique with my swing coach.  Second, I was always able to finish eighteen holes with plenty of energy to spare.  This allowed me to keep strong technique and better mental focus throughout my round.  Lastly, I was able to hit the ball farther with less effort.
Over the season I went from a 12 to a 5.7 handicap, I beat last year’s club champion (a +2 handicap) in the first round of my Club Championship, and my father and I won the Club Championship for team match play.   I feel great about what I accomplished this year with my golf game.  You were a big part of that success and I want you to know how much I appreciate your work.
For anyone who is serious about improving their golf game or just wants to smart about getting in shape, I would recommend you highly.
Matthew P. Havens, CFP
Partner, Wealth Advisor
I’ve been working with John for the past year 2015.  I’m 55 years old and started playing golf when I was 50. I have my share of injuries and aches and pains built up over the years.  The golf season before the program I was a 22 handicap.  My average scores were 92-96, my low was 90 and I couldn’t seem to get past it.  I drove the ball on average between 200 – 225 yards and hit an occasional “bomb” of 250 yards.    I started John’s program in the late fall of 2014. Through the winter I was on twice a week schedule and when the golf season started I maintained the program by going once a week.  
Over the season my golf game improved significantly and I believe John’s program contributed highly to my success this past season.  I finally broke through the 90 barrier and am now a 17 handicap with my average scores ranging from 86-89.  My drive is on average longer, hitting between 215 and 240 pretty consistently and hit the occasional “bomb” up to 270 yards.  I also had my personal best round, shooting an 80.  That’s an improvement of five strokes off my handicap, 5 to 10 strokes off my average scores and an extra 15 yards in my drive.
I contribute much of the improvement in my scores to hitting more fairways due to improvement in my overall posture and increased power in my swing.  I am also hitting my irons straighter and more consistently.   I am more limber and have a greater range of motion.  I am generating more power and have better overall balance.  I’m in better shape physically and my aches and pains seem to be milder. The exercises and training have improved my swing mechanics, flexibility and power.
I’m now starting my second fall/winter in John’s program and plan on a three days per week schedule. I’m hoping to make my personal best of 80 my average next season.
Jim D- 11/2015
          My name is Steven Burak and I have been training with Titleist Performance Institute certified trainer John McPherson for the past six months. During this time period I have seen a noticeable change in my physical appearance as well as my golf swing. With John’s help I have increased my strength and range of motion which has had a positive effect on my golf swing. With my new-found core strength, it is now easier for me to keep correct posture and proper position throughout my swing. The result of this training has added length to my game, but more importantly, it has created more consistently straight golf shots with all my clubs. 
       One of the great advantages of using John over ordinary fitness trainers is his understanding of golf swing mechanics. The program John employs for me is custom designed based on his assessment of my swing weaknesses. John obtains this information working directly with my swing coach, Mike Gibson, to maximize the golf impact of our workouts. Once I achieve the proper strength level for his intended goal, I am immediately put on the range so John can assess the positive impact of our work. From there, John redesigns the plan to address other areas of concern.
        It is clear my swing mechanics have improved greatly over the past nine months. My stronger body has delivered a much smoother, consistent swing which is no longer relying on my hands and arms to catch up to my fast hips.
        In summary, John is a great trainer who will push you to your limits. His program always has an intended objective, and remains interesting as he continuously adds new exercises to the program. If you want to bring your golf game to its highest level, I recommend you spend some time with John McPherson

Paul D’Attanassio–  I have been training with John for some time now, and I have noticed that I am  averaging 15-20 extra yards to my drive and my other clubs. I asked myself is this exercising really working, and I have to say yes. I feel I have a better tempo with my swing. I have been shooting around 73 of late! 
 October 28, 2008

John provided clear instructions and focused on the individual needs in of our small group. After completing the program I noticed a noticeable improvement in my accuracy and distance.
Thank You Karen Stacy

I trained with John at the Harmon Club for the winter months last year with a few goals in mind. Using the tools that John gave me in the gym I quickly noticed a difference in my game and in my overall appearance. I continue to work out on a strict schedule and more importantly stay on the diet which John and I developed. The results that I have seen over the course of the last year and a half far exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their golf game and personal health. John was always professional in the gym and he always knew what my limits were as well as how to help me further develop my skills but more importantly he is a real person and he will help you to reach your goals. Hit em straight
Noah Walker